LIGHTSABER CLASSES  are taught as a performance-based discipline. This means that Sabering students under age 13 will be learning choreographed fights for performance.  Younglings and Padawans do not spar each other in class. All Saber students use high-end specialized LED lightsabers that have been created for explicit use in Saber sports and are realistic in weight, light, and sound. This gives students a more exciting learning experience.  
Sabering classes run with the school calendar year, beginning in August and ending in June. Saber students are expected to spend one entire school year training in their level before they can move to the next training level.
Students who enroll in Sabering will be learning a specialized curriculum that was created and written by Amy and Kris Pruett.  The curriculum was designed for children to teach Lightsaber technique and skills, build physical strength, stamina, and coordination, and instill Jedi values, which are the monthly themes of the coursework.
During each training year, Saber students will have 2 exhibitions - one mid-year in December, right before Winter Break, and the other in June. The mid-year (December) exhibition will be an in-class performance of the skills and concepts the students have learned up to that point. Upon return from Winter Break, Sabering students will continue learning the curriculum for their training level, and they will also begin learning a choreographed fight, which they will perform with their class during the End-Of Year Ceremonies.
End-Of-Year Ceremonies are a very special time of celebration of our students' accomplishments after completing a year of Saber training. Students will be costumed, and perform a choreographed fight with the other members of their class. Afterward, all students will receive a medal to commemorate their year. There will be a performance fee for End-Of-Year Ceremonies. This will cover the cost of the costume, the venue, and producing the event.  Students are not required to participate in End-Of-Year Ceremonies in order to advance to the next training level, as long as they complete the entire school year of coursework.
  • *Saber Training Costs include class tuition and sword rental 
    *Sabers may also be purchased to avoid monthly ($16) saber rental fee
  • Age Groups
    Younglings   (4-6 yrs)   45 minutes   $87.50 Per month
    Padawans     (7 -Adult) 60 minutes   $110 Per month
    Knights        (13 & up)  60 minutes   $110 Per month

  • Levels of Training
    Initiates:   Younglings, and all first year students, regardless of age.
    Levels II-IV: Students in years 2-4 of their training. 
    Knights:  Must be at least 13 years-old with parent's permission to train as a Knight.

  • Saber Students Uniform 
    Hyper Space T-shirt - $18 (kid size) $20 (adult size) 
    Black  pants that you can move easily in, and socks.
    *All shoes worn on classroom floors must be new and never worn outside.
KNIGHT CLASSES are only for students age 13 and up. Knights will not learn choreographed fights for a performance.  At this level, the fights are real.
Knights will be taught a curriculum that was designed and written by Amy and Kris Pruett. This curriculum includes sparring with other class members. Knights will wear the safety gear that is outlined and approved by TSL. No one will be permitted to train as a Knight without wearing all required safety gear.
$40 per person/per month for any member of any Club in Las Vegas, must be a member in good standing with the club and sign a liability waiver.

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